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ADDRESS: red flag ridge town, rock city, Jilin Province
Executive Tel: 0432-65610080
Sales call / Fax: 0432-65610038
Sales Manager: Wang Kai
Tel: 13937308567
Shenzhen office: Wen Bingquan
Tel: 13602689526
Henan office: Wang Hao
Tel: 15844267513


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  Jilin Yarong Technology Co., Ltd (Briefly named Yarong hereinafter) is specialized in producing cathode materials for Ni-MH batteries and Lithium batteries,founded in 1997 and grew out of the energy storage materials factory of Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. It was renamed Jilin Jien Yarong Technology Liability Company in 2007. After reform and recombination, our company officially renamed Jilin Yarong Technology Co., Ltd in 2015.  Logged into NEEQ(National Equities Exchange and Quotations) on July 31, 2015. Securities referred to: Yarong Technology, securities code: 832991. Jilin Yarong Technology Co., Ltd is the holding subsidiary of the listed company named Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co., ltd (Jilin Jien is the first listed company in the nickel industry, the first largest production base of nickel salt and the second largest production base of nickel metal in China.)

  Jilin Yarong Technology Co., Ltd, with a powerful technical force, has a high-quality R&D team with 25 people, and collected many excellent technological talents in hydrometallurgy, industrial analysis, production and R&D of battery, electrical equipment and etc.. Yarong currently has 408 employees including 107 technicians, which accounting for 26% of the staff. Recent years, Yarong has established close cooperation with the scientific research institutions and colleges, and specialized in designing and producing compatible Nickel Hydroxide with high power capacity, long lifetime, dynamical type. Yarong has passed authentication of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system. Yarong has successively been awarded as Jilin Province science-and-technology enterprise and Jilin Province strategic emerging industry enterprise by the Department of Science and Technology of Jilin Province and the Science and Technology Bureau in 2014, as the enterprise technical center of Jilin city by the Department of Industry and Information of Jilin City.

  Our core business integrated the research and development, production, sales of the following materials such as Cathode materials for Ni-MH batteries, including Spherical Nickel Hydroxide, and Ternary cathode materials for Li-ion batteries. Our company has set up offices for sale in Shenzhen and Henan, and our products are sold to Yangtze Delta Region, the PRD, the central plains, North and Northeast China.

  In 2014, Yarong had invested 125 million yuan to build the production base of battery materials with an area of 35,000sqm. Now, Yarong has become the high-tech enterprise which has the annual output of 3000 tons of Spherical Nickel Hydroxide, 2000 tons of cobalt coated spherical nickel hydroxide, 3,000 tons of Li(NiCoM)O2 and 500 tons of Hydroxy nickel hydroxide.