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Yarong Technology obtaining the honor again

Release time:2017/04/07 Click volume:0
Yarong Technology obtaining the honor again

Recently, we got the good news from Jilin province that our company has successively been awarded as the provincial technical center by Science and Technology Bureau of Jilin Province, Industry and Information Technology Department of Jilin Province, Jilin Province Department of Finance, Changchun Customs District People’s Republic of China, Jilin Provincial Office, SAT and Jilin Provincial Local Taxation Bureau.

To push the growth of our company and boost technical innovation, our company has set up a research and development organization based on scientific and technological innovation, in 2015. Through improving the organizational structure, and combining the theoriesand production practice by R&D team, tosynchronize the technological advance with technical research and development phase synchronization, to provide the necessary technical support for continuous and stable production of each workshop, meanwhile, to speed up the research and development of new products, to meet customer demands for different performance products.Our development workshop was rated as the municipal technical centerby Industry and Information Technology Department of Jilin Province, on this basis, technical strength of the research and development team has been further improvedby nearly one-year development in June of the same year.With the recommendationof Industry and Information Technology Department of Jilin city, our company gained the recognition of provincialindustry and information technology department and above level, in November, and rated as the nineteenth provincial technical centerof Jilin Province in November.

Thesehonorary titles symbolized that our R&D teamhas stepped a new stair, which promotes thecorporate image and provides the necessary support for striving for the national, provincial and municipal relevant policies.

                           The Medal of the Provincial Technical Center